Consulting and audits

The Sýni Research Centre offers consultancy services and audits relating to the operation of food and feed companies. Particular attention is paid to safety and quality. Sýni has been a leading company in linking together activities at differing stages of the food chain.

Sýni employs professionals with university degrees in food sciences, chemistry, fisheries and project management. The company is at present one of the largest private workplaces for university educated professionals in the food industry. The consultancy services provided merges expertise with all the experience that the company has built up over the more than 20 years that it has been operating.

Consultancy services require considerable project management and communication skills, areas in which Sýni consultants have achieved considerable success in getting people to work together and resolve tasks and “problems” as a team.

Requirements made of food industry companies for inspections and certifications according to various standards such as ISO 22000, MSC, ASC, RFM, IFFO, BRC and IFS have been increasing. Sýni consultants have expert knowledge in these fields both as consultants and inspectors.

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