The Food Academy

The Food Academy has held a range of courses for food company staff in recent years.

The courses have variously been tailored for each company or have been held for mixed groups from various sectors within the food industry.

The Food Academy also offers cookery classes for anyone interested in cooking. The courses are either open courses for individuals or tailored courses for closed groups.

The courses include course materials that have been prepared by the company’s experts.

  • Courses relating to quality issues
    • Considerations for food processing companies
    • Considerations for shops
    • Considerations for canteens
    • Fish processors – treatment of raw materials and products
    • Fish processors – shift managers and other members of management
    • Food microbiology
    • Fruit and vegetables
    • HACCP – update
    • HACCP 3 quality system – “Quality and safety – throughout”
    • HACCP 4
    • Internal audits – verification of quality systems
    • Treatment of fish on fishing vessels
    • Foodstuffs labelling
    • Salted fish
    • Sensory assessment of fish
    • Maintenance – hygiene – procedures
    • Easy-to-clean design
  • Cookery courses
    • 12 best soups in the world
    • All-in-one pot or tray (gastro)
    • A bit of this and that
    • Bread made of varied raw materials
    • Authentic Indian cuisine
    • Using Icelandic algae
    • Delicious meals – one-pot stop
    • Home-made, healthy and inexpensive
    • Healthier meat dishes
    • What’s for supper?
    • Italian country fare
    • Cooking for the kids
    • Cookery courses for kids – this summer
    • Mexican buffet
    • North African food, pure joy
    • Contact network of staff in canteens
  • Courses relating to health and safety
    • Healthier diets
    • Healthier diets – in the mountains
    • Positive thinking – better quality – greater wellbeing
    • Diet and positive thinking – the key to success for sportsmen and women
    • For further information about the courses contact our consultants  in tel. 512-3391 or matvaelaskolinn@syni.is