Most of our conventional measurements are certified according to ISO 17025. In doing so, we seek to ensure to the extent possible the safety of the results that the testing facility issues and ensure that that the customer receives the best services possible.

For this purpose, we reiterate the following:

Sýni ehf. undertakes to maintain full confidentiality as regards any matters that may arise and which relate to customers. Exempt are, however, notifications to the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (Matvælastofnun, MAST) as regards the analysis of pathogenic bacteria according to laws and regulations.

Sýni ehf. seeks to fulfil customer requirements as regards quality services through the use of attitude surveys, staff interviews, and more. In this context, we remind you that all complaints and comments relating to the operation are welcomed. These may be submitted by phone in Tel. No. 512-3380 or by e-mail to the addresses syni@syni.is or profanir@syni.is.