Sýni ehf. offers consultancy and services to food and animal feed companies. The company offers microbiological measurements, e.g. for assessments of freshness, chemical analyses for requirements relating to nutritional value labelling, assistance in the adoption and maintenance of internal controls, hygiene monitoring and a range of education options and training for employees in the foodstuffs and animal feed industries.

Comprehensive solutions for companies:

  • Quality issues: Adoption and updates of quality manuals, training and education for employees.
  • Chemical and microbiological measurements: Shelf-life, quality requirements, nutritional values.
  • Audits of quality systems: IFFO RS., RFM and MSC, BRC in co-operation with Sai Global.
  • Inspections: Hygiene inspections, product labelling, products, cargo inspections.
  • Product development and treatment of foodstuffs: Assistance in the solution of technical problems, shelf-life, optimal utilisation, etc.
  • Environmental issues: Sampling and measurements of sewerage and exhaust, consultancy in co-operation with Verkís.
  • Sýni’s Food Academy: Diverse curricula on most subjects involving food as well as courses for individuals and groups on food preparation and healthy eating.

Sýni employs professionals with university degrees in food sciences, chemistry, fisheries and project management. The company is at present one of the largest private workplaces for university educated professionals in the food industry. The consultancy services provided merges expertise with all the experience that the company has built up over the more than 20 years that it has been operating.

Sýni ehf. is the only privately operated testing facility in this field that has received accreditation in accordance with the IST EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard for the most common chemical and microbiological testing.