Sýni has four main service areas: a laboratory for microbiological and chemical analysis, consulting unit, training in food safety and quality, and an auditing unit. Amongst our customers are some of the largest companies in the Icelandic fish and meat industry, many food producers, and various other companies. 

Sýni was established in 1993. We are situated in Kópavogur and Akureyri with around thirty employees, food and fisheries scientists, chemists, and experienced assistants.

Testing Laboratory

Our laboratory provides various microbiological food analyses, chemical analyses, and a number of environmental analyses. The laboratory was granted an accreditation according to ISO 17025, “General criteria for the operation of testing laboratories, in March 2000 by SWEDAC (Swedish board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment). A list of our accredited analysis in both Kópavogur and Akureyri can be found on our website.

Our experts are in excellent cooperation with subcontracted laboratories outside of Iceland and can assist by cand sending samples for further analyses.

We also offer sampling of raw materials and products as well as water, ice, and seawater for testing in the laboratory.

Consulting unit

·       Food safety and Quality systems: We have taken part in the development and implementation of quality systems (HACCP, BRC etc.) in many companies in the food industry.  In our work we combine extensive knowledge of quality systems, food science, and food safety culture.

·       Labelling of packaging, such as list of ingredients, calculations of nutritional values as well as reviews of nutritional and health claims:  Assistance for labelling of products for European and American market.

·       Product development: Assistance concerning technical solutions in product development.

·       Consulting and validation on HACCP and food safety plans, hygiene, and cleaning: Company visits. Hygiene and cleaning inspected visually as well as by conducting various tests.  Results and consult on improvements are provided in written reports and verbal training.

·       Menu planning: Audits, consulting, and nutritional calculations regarding menus.


Food Safety training and HACCP courses

·       For a long time Sýni has been a leading provider of food safety & HACCP training for the food manufacturing industry in Iceland.

·       Among courses Sýni provides: HACCP level 1, 2, 3, 4, BRC, VACCP/TACCP, Food safety culture, Internal audits, Handling of fish on board fishing ships.

·       All our courses can be held in-company and adapted to the needs of the client. This also applies to training sessions.


Auditing unit

·       Sýni has employees that are certified auditors who conduct BRC, Marin Trust, MSC/ASC and RFM audits, both in Iceland and in the Nordic countries. 

·       Sýni’s employees also conduct various audits, for example supplier audits, 3rd party audits, GMP and internal audits.