Hygiene monitoring

For a number of years, Sýni ehf. has been offering hygiene monitoring services and has a large number of companies in dissimilar sectors as regular customers.

Hygiene and cleaning is one of the most important aspects of ensuring food safety and is a part of the good manufacturing practices that are the foundation of HACCP systems in food production companies. Hygiene, moreover, is an extremely important aspect in the image of companies and is of great importance to the customer. Insufficient hygiene and cleaning can have an impact on the quality and safety of foodstuffs.

In order to examine how successful hygiene in foodstuffs companies has been, it is necessary to have an active hygiene monitoring system. Hygiene controls are verification of that housekeeping, tidiness, clean-ups and disinfection practices are sufficient. Often it is the foreman or another employee of the company who is responsible for this aspect. It has, however, often proved beneficial to purchase the services from elsewhere.

Visual assessments, sampling with Rodac plates, ATP measurements, swab samples and air samples are generally used in hygiene monitoring. Advice on improvements is provided once the sampling has been completed. The condition of the facilities and equipment is also examined during hygiene assessments. The results of the hygiene inspection are presented in a report and given grades. This allows companies to set themselves measurable goals and statistically monitor their achievements, trends and compliance.