Internal controls

Sýni specialises in providing consultancy services and assistance in the adoption of HACCP quality systems in food companies, based on the Codex Alimentarius methodology. The focus is placed on ensuring that the employees of the company in question take an active part in the development of preventative measures and risk analysis for the company’s production processes. The work is always tailored to the company’s scope and needs. The implementation of work processes and procedures and staff and management training is also a part of the work if so requested.

Why HACCP and an active quality system?

Today’s consumers make greater demands to food companies than previously. The food must be safe, fresh and in some cases ready for the plate. Increased requirements are also made to the efficiency of quality systems, and purchasers often demand accreditation by a third party. Greater demands are also made to transporters as regards the safe transport of foodstuffs all over the world. Ever greater responsibility is laid on the food companies for correct handling in production and distribution. The damages to consumers and companies can be great if anything goes amiss. The adoption and continuous review of quality systems based on HACCP is considered a good means of ensuring the safety and quality of foodstuffs. In addition, all companies that produce and distribute raw materials, food and animal feed must abide by the legislation applicable in their market countries, which among other things, requires active preventative measures and HACCP systems.

Quality systems need continuous review

The employees of the Sýni ehf. Consultancy Department have been certified to perform both internal and external audits of the quality systems of companies. Auditing quality systems ensures that work is always carried out according to established work processes and procedures and the standards that the company has adopted, such as ISO, BRC, IFS, YUM, IFFO, MSC, RFM, etc.