Microbiological analysis

The testing facility for microbiological research offers microbiological analysis services for the food and animal feed industry.

The measurements can be used to:

  • Assess the freshness of raw materials
  • Estimate the product’s shelf-life
  • Assess hygiene in the treatment of foodstuffs and personal hygiene

The following measurements are among those available with no particular prior notice

Measurements labelled with an asterisk (*) do not have accreditation.

Foodstuffs measurementsMethod
Total plate count, 22°C, 30°C and 35°CNMKL No. 86:2013
Presumptive Bacillus cereusNMKL No. 67:2010
Clostridium perfringensNMKL No. 95:2009
Coliforms MPNISO 4831:2006
Thermotolerant coliform MPNNMKL No. 96:2009
Escherichia coli MPNISO 7251:2005
L. monocytogenesNMKL No. 136:2010
ListeriaNMKL No. 136:2010 modified
Listeria spp.PCR AOAC#021108
Listeria spp.PCR Assay UNI 03/09-11/13
Mould and yeastNMKL No. 98:2005
SalmonellaNMKL No. 71:1999
SalmonellaPCR AOAC#031001
SalmonellaPCR Assay UNI 03/07-11/13
Coagulase-positive staphylococciNMKL No. 66:2009
Sulphite-reducing clostridiumsNMKL No. 56:2015
Sulphite-reducing bacteriaNMKL No. 56:2015
Heat-tolerant campylobacterNMKL No. 119:2007
EnterobacteraceaeNMKL No. 144:2005
*Lactic acid bacteriaNMKL No. 140:2007 modified
*Listeria quantificationNMKL 136:2010
*Psychrotrophic microorganismNMKL 86:2013
*EnterococciNMKL 68:2011
*VibrioNMKL 156:1997
*Coliforms VRBANMKL 44:2004
*Thermotolerant coliform and E.coli VRBANMKL 125:2005
*Coliforms, Escherichia coli (petrifilm)AOAC official Medhod 991.14
*E.coli (Beta glucuronidasa pos. E. coliISO 16649-2:2001
*Salmonella (environmental and faeces samples)NMKL No. 187:2016
*Anaerobic spore forming bacteria 
*Spore forming bacteria 
*Gram negative bacteria 
*Pseudomonas spp.Oxid CM0559
*Pseudomonas aerginosaPh.Eur. 8.0
Aerobic count in fish prod. 20-25°C, H2S Producing bacteriaNMKL No. 184:2006
Water measurementsMethod
Coliforms, Escherichia coli (Dialysis)ISO 9308-1:2014
EnterococciISO 7899-2:2000
Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Dialysis)ISO 16266:2008
Total plate counts (TPC), 22°C and 37°CISO 6222:1999
*Clostridium perfringens in waterISO 14189:2013
*Enterococcus MPNEnteroler Quanti tray MPN
*Pseudomonas Aeruginosa MPNPseudolert Quanti tray MPN
Coliform and e.coli MPNISO 9308-2:2012 MPN Quanti tray

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